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A curated assessment and must-know facts of the business and investment climate in Cambodia


The information in this module have been collated to provide foreign businesses and investors a quick overview or a better sense of the business landscape of Cambodia. If you are looking for a more nuanced insight or advice in terms of how a business or investor can navigate the local environment or seek out collaboration opportunities and trustworthy partners, get in touch with our team at Aquarii. You can also peruse the business directory to find a suitable service provider, or speak to us so we can help provide a more curated list including who our Preferred or Referral Partners are.

“In my previous capacity, I tried to make myself available to anyone who wished to meet with me, exchange views and ideas, or even if they needed some advice or assistance. They were not just Singaporeans. There is much I can learn from them, and if I could be of some assistance, however infinitesimal, then I would have been a bridge between Cambodia and them. In my new role in the commercial world, I hope to replicate the same to help foreign businesses and investors have a higher chance of success in Cambodia.” Michael Tan, CEO Aquarii BD Cambodia, former Singapore Ambassador to Cambodia.
Geography and Demography
Characteristics of Cambodia's demography and geography including strategic location, population size and structure, education, religion, languages and climate.
Economy and Commerce
Facts about Cambodia's production, consumption, and trade activities and how they impact the Kingdom's economic and financial position.
Intangible sectoral activities such as tourism, education, telecommunication, banking, fintech, and real estate which contribute to the growth of Cambodia's economy.
Key industry activities contributing to Cambodia's GDP including construction, energy and electricity, and manufacturing.
Agriculture and Aquaculture
Another engine for economic growth and food security in Cambodia including facts, figures, practices, activities, and products.
Business Chamber and Association
Entities established to support business environment by promoting business community, reducing business barrier, and representing the voice of businesses operating in Cambodia.






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