Library Of Laws

A curated repository of local laws and regulations for doing business in Cambodia, supported by a Wiki library of local terms & definitions

Library of Laws

A collection of must-know and good-to-know relevant regulations and practices to guide foreign businesses and investors in how their business and investment activities can be conducted in Cambodia.

Labor Law
Oversees the relations and code of conducts between employers and employees. This law applies to every enterprise in Cambodia whether public, semi-public or private, non-religious or religious, professional, educational or charitable.
Law on Investment
Governs all investments projects / activities within the Kingdom of Cambodia through legal favorable legal frameworks aiming to attract and promote quality, effective and efficient investments made by Cambodian nationals or foreigners.
Commercial Enterprise Law
Sets the profile of enterprises and commercial companies doing business in the Kingdom of Cambodia. This law applies to a partnership, a partnership composes of a general partnership and a limited partnership and a private limited company and publ...
Tax Law
Adopted by the National Assembly of the Kingdom of Cambodia on January 8, 1997 at the 7th session of the 1st legislature, it is necessary for businesses and investors to have a comprehensive understanding of in-force taxation laws in Cambodia.






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