Aquarii was founded on the principles of trust, loyalty and integrity to establish synergistic and meaningful partnerships between organizations that maintain these values. Our partners are a selection of organizations in Cambodia that not only share our core values but have demonstrated unparalleled expertise and experience in their relevant sector.

preferred partnership

preferred partnership

Preferred Partners (PPs) are companies and service providers that Aquarii has identified and assessed to have the right quality competencies and dynamic service delivery in the relevant sectoral areas of interest to meet the needs and requirements of our clients who are looking for qualified and trusted service providers in Cambodia. The benefits shared between Aquarii and PPs are tailored to the needs of each respective partner. PPs are brought into the trusted Aquarii business ecosystems, and partnerships include both online platforms & advisory deliverables and are mutually beneficial in nature. Highlight features include but are not limited to:

  • Featured among the top Preferred Partner(s) under the relevant sector page(s)
  • Prioritized referrals to interested clients/partners for projects/products and services
  • Strategic and priority brand placement across all external marketing channels
  • Inclusion in the list of recommended sectoral companies/service providers in response to general inquiries/requests
  • First right of consideration for a sponsorship, speaking, or attendance involvement in significant forums or conferences, and guaranteed seat(s) for networking events hosted by Aquarii such as webinars, seminars, roadshows, or expos
  • Access to Aquarii’s diverse local and international network while also recommended as Aquarii’s preferred partner in respective sectors

Strategic Partnerships (SPs) are special relationships with selected business associations, chambers, in-market service providers or industry experts whose values and principles are aligned with ours which could bring value and benefits to the business communities, investors as well as our clients. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Shared content & resources to help foreign businesses and investors to better understand and navigate the local business environment. Any information shared by our strategic partners will be given full attributions/references
  • Business referrals & exposure for SPs will allow for greater access to a wider audience of foreign businesses and investors looking for local partners, distributors, products, services and projects
  • SPs enjoy cross-promotion and greater visibility of their services, products and other offerings through our network and the Aquarii platform
  • A referral arrangement can also be considered for strategic partnerships
Strategic Partners

Strategic partnership

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referral partnership

Referral Partnerships (RPs) are designed for the companies/services providers that demonstrate excellence in their respective industries which could provide effective and efficient services to our clients. This includes but it is not limited to:

  • Exposing your company brand to our partners/investors locally and internationally
  • Joining the in-place downstream marketing funnel which Aquarii curates through partnerships and contacts
  • Expanding business, investment and entity success through relevant partnerships
  • Exchanging resources and insights
  • Sharing referral commission
  • Mutual promotion of services
  • Opportunity to feature in our expert insights and marketing content created on the Aquarii platform

Advertising Partnerships (APs) are available to selected companies and organizations which fit with the Aquarii ethos and partners ecosystem. APs encompass a range of in-person and digital market exposure and brand development opportunities. This includes but it is not limited to:

  • Professional and subtle brand development strategies that focus on relatability, believability and sincerity
  • Association with Aquarii, providing a boost in trust and credibility that could significantly increase the number of prospective and potential clients
  • Extended reach through publicity materials and information, wider market visibility and other available channels
  • Privileged access to events hosted or organized by Aquarii such as networking events, forums, seminars, webinars, business matching, and business delegation visits; partners will benefit from contacts with foreign businesses and investors that are not available through other print or digital platforms
ads paertnership

advertising partnership

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