Aquarii was founded on the principles of trust, loyalty and integrity to establish synergistic and meaningful partnerships between organizations that maintain these values. Our partners are a selection of organizations in Cambodia that not only share our core values but have demonstrated unparalleled expertise and experience in their relevant sector.

Preferred Partners (PPs)

PPs are companies and service providers established in Cambodia that Aquarii has identified and assessed to have the right quality competencies and dynamic service delivery in the relevant sectoral areas of interest to meet the needs and requirements of its prospective or referred clients. Aquarii will continue to shortlist partners who are professional, credible and trustworthy with a compelling narrative and growth potential. As Aquarii’s ambition is to be the go-to platform for foreign businesses and investors interested in establishing a business, investment or partnership in Cambodia, our PPs will have the opportunity to partner with us for a fixed duration or a longer-term commitment.

The benefits of Preferred Partnerships are tailored to the needs of each respective partner, they include but are not limited to;

  • Your company profile featured first under the relevant sector page in the platform
  • Aquarii advisory services
  • Advertising Banner for your company on relevant pages
  • Logo featured on the main landing page
  • Free posting on Aquarii Classifieds
  • Attribution to the company for shared resources

As we intend to only work with a limited number of Preferred Partners, we plan to have a maximum of three partners per sector for a period of 6-12 months. For more information and how you can become a Preferred Partner please CONTACT US

Strategic Partners

Business Associations & Chambers

Aquarii was developed to enable local businesses. We recognize there are many Chambers and associations established in Cambodia that have conducted thorough, insightful research and subsequent advisory services for doing business in Cambodia. Aquarii intends to partner with selected established Chambers and Associations to promote their efforts and provide further exposure to foreign investors. The benefits for Business Associations or Chambers partnership include but are not limited to;

A unique badge to identify your business network across our platform:

  • Access to Members’ Directory: Aquarii’s directory of businesses in Cambodia will be accessible to a wide audience of foreign businesses and investors based in or through Singapore and beyond. They can shortlist or filter a shortlist of specific companies that they wish to consider working with through the search engine in the directory.
  • Shared content & Resources: Our Dashboard on Cambodia section contains comprehensive information on Cambodia’s economy and business regulations. This will help foreign businesses and investors to better understand and navigate the local business environment. Any information shared by associations/chambers that are our strategic partners will be given full attributions/references.
  • Business referrals & exposure: Through our free access platform and connections with other strategic partners, members of chambers will have greater access to a wider audience of foreign businesses and investors looking for local partners, distributors, products, services and projects. They will enjoy more online traffic, better corporate profile and cross-references.
  • Member Exposure: The Chamber’s members will have the immediate benefit of featuring in multiple verified online directories which will in turn increase click-through site traffic and SEO results.
  • Cross-promotion: of Chambers’ events, activities, projects and awards on Aquarii platform.

Referral Partnership

Through our core team and management Aquarii has a strong network of referral partners who demonstrate excellence in their respective industries. These partnerships are typically in-kind and based on shared resources, services as well as referral commissions. Each referral partner has bespoke agreement with Aquarii, please contact our team for more details on how you can become a referral partner.

Advertising Partners

Aquarii offers a range of advertising and marketing services included in our Preferred and Strategic Partnership if packages. We also offer stand-alone advertising packages for, if you are interested in advertising with us please contact our team for special rates.

To find out how our partnership works to your benefit, click here to get in touch with our team!