Cambodia’s insurance market is still at early stage of development but has become noticeably more active as more international players enter the market in each succeeding year. There are currently 17 general insurance companies, 12 life insurance companies, 6 micro-insurance companies and 1 re-insurance company in the market. According to local regulations, life insurance companies and general insurance companies are each separately licensed with a minimum registered capital requirement of USD 7 m and are required to maintain a 10% fixed guarantee deposit with NBC.

Insurance operators in Cambodia 2022
Insurance Operators in Cambodia (Source: Insurance Association of Cambodia)

According to a report from the Insurance Association of Cambodia (IAC), the insurance sector continued its positive momentum through the first quarter of 2021 with a growth rate of 16.3%, down from 20.8% YOY. Total insurance premiums for the same period were $85 million, with general insurance increasing by almost 20% to USD 39.1 m and life insurance premiums increasing by 15.5% to USD 44.6 m, whereas microinsurance premiums contracted by 27% to USD 1.2m. 

Insurance Premium and Claim in Cambodia
Insurance vs. Claim from 2016 to 2020 (source: Insurance Association of Cambodia)

ICA estimated the insurance market size to be 1.2 million customers comprising 380,000 policyholders of life insurance, 510,000 in general insurance (health and individual accident insurance) and 280,000 in micro-insurance. Across the board, premium growth was about 7.3% in 2020 at about USD 271.5 m whereas claims paid out to policyholders in 2020 totalled USD 11.3 m.

Share of Insurance Premium in Cambodia
Share of General Insurance Premium (left); Share of Life Insurance Premium (right) – Source: Insurance Association of Cambodia

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