The Council for the Development of Cambodia (CDC) is chaired by the Prime Minister and includes one or several vice-chairpersons and members as necessary. To ensure effective implementation of the missions stipulated in Article 4 of this Law, the Prime Minister may at his sole discretion delegate his authority to a member of the Royal Government or CDC management to undertake his duties to a certain extent or in any activities of the CDC. Such delegation includes management and use of budget and human resources in compliance with the laws and regulations in force.

The appointment of the members of the CDC shall be made by Royal Decree.

The CDC has the following organizational structure:

– General Secretariat of the CDC;

– Cambodian Cooperation Development Board abbreviated as “CCDB”; and

– Cambodian Investment Board abbreviated as “CIB”;

The General Secretariats of the CDC, CCDB, and CIB shall each be led by one Secretary General assisted by Deputy Secretaries General as deemed necessary. The CDC may establish additional structures or mechanisms by the Sub-Decree as deemed necessary.

The CDC has its separate budget under the national budget and civil servants and employees under contract in compliance with laws and regulations in force.

Cambodian Law on Investment established the Council for the Development of Cambodia as an executive body acting as the “Etat-Major” and One Stop Service of the Royal Government of Cambodia to oversee and manage private investment and special economic zone. Moreover, in order to enhance the effectiveness of public service rendered to the investor, the Law on investment also creates Municipal-Provincial Investment Sub-Committees which the power of the CDC is delegated to administer investment applications via the sub-degree.