A Referral Partnership Agreement between Aquarii BD (Cambodia) Co Ltd and Independent Property Services Co., Ltd (IPS) was signed recently at the latter’s office to formally announce their collaboration.  Mr. Michael Tan, Chief Executive Officer of Aquarii BD (Cambodia) and Miss Malay Nop, Phnom Penh Branch Manager of Independent Property Services, were the respective signatories.

The referral partnership agreement formalizes the commitment of both entities to exchange information or data in relation to prospective properties and projects that may be of interest to their respective clients base and audience.

Through its free access online business platform at www.aquariibd.com, foreign businesses and investors can easily source for information, service providers, business counterparts or investment partners in Cambodia on their own and connect with them directly at no fee or charge. This platform is complemented by Aquarii’s advisory services which aim to leverage on its network of diverse contacts, resource persons and industry experts. Several local and international businesses have already reached out to Aquarii on diverse areas of need, such as for their help to identify and assess prospective local partners, advice on strategic business approach and how they could better frame their communication and corporate image for the international audience.  Several have also enquired on investible projects in Cambodia. Users of the Aquarii online platform are not obligated to work with Aquarii or engage its advisory service. However, for investment projects and business partnerships that Aquarii chooses to work on, it will collaborate closely with a few carefully selected partners or service providers depending on the sector of interest.

“This collaboration with IPS will help our clients and audience of foreign investors and businesses in their search for offices or properties that best fit their business or investment needs and requirements”, explains Michael Tan, Founder Director of & CEO of Aquarii BD Cambodia.

“The team at IPS is made up of talented local and international staff with extensive experience in international and Cambodian real estate and are committed to sourcing the right properties for our clients. Through the partnership with Aquarii, I look forward to providing real estate and property management services to Aquarii’s clients and its audience for upcoming projects” said Miss Malay Nop. “IPS is ideally placed to provide up-to-date information and advice on real estate in Phnom Penh as well as other parts of Cambodia, including Siem Reap.”

Independent Property Services (IPS) has grown to be the premier real estate company in Cambodia, providing premium real estate opportunities and catering to the local and expat market.

IPS has formed long lasting relationships with local business chambers, embassies and the broader Cambodian business community.

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