Under the MOU agreement, both Aquarii and AmCham agree to exchange information, ideas and views and jointly conduct activities where appropriate and practicable to help foreign businesses and investors have a better understanding of the investment and business environment in Cambodia. They have also committed to mutually promote each other’s platforms and to individually and collectively help address outdated perceptions of the Kingdom, and where possible to lower or bridge the trust deficit that foreign businesses and investors may have of the country and its pro-business and pro-investment policies.

“This strategic collaboration with AmCham, arguably the most established, prominent and active business chamber in the Kingdom, will provide a tremendous impetus to the desired outcomes of our free access online business platform www.aquariibd.com which is complemented by our advisory service,” said Michael Tan, Founder Director of & CEO of Aquarii BD Cambodia. “Businesses in Cambodia that are members of AmCham (or other chambers/associations that are strategic partners with Aquarii) can also be included in the platform’s Business Directory, if they choose to, and be recognized as a member of a specific chamber in the filtered search results of the Business Directory”.

AmCham is the second business chamber to have entered into a formal strategic partnership with Aquarii; Aquarii’s partnership with the Indonesia Chamber of Commerce (IndoCham) was formalized just a week earlier.

Tan said that ongoing efforts to consider suitable service providers and businesses to be Aquarii’s preferred or referral partners are progressing well, but his team is taking great care and time for the selection process. Ultimately, for foreign investors and businesses that choose to work with Aquarii and/or Tan, they will likely also work with the service providers or businesses that are associated with or have a formal working arrangement with Aquarii.

Mr. Anthony added that “AmCham plays an important role in the Kingdom’s story of economic development and is a leading voice in Cambodia’s international business community. Our goal is to ensure the advancement of the American and Cambodian business community via development of trade, commerce and investment activities, representing the voice of AmCham members, and reducing transactional friction by maintaining and expanding network of businesses contacts. Through partnership with Aquarii, we intend to unlock new doors to business and investment opportunities, and expand our reach to a wider audience of businesses and investors.”

AmCham is an independent non-profit membership organization of both American and Cambodian companies who share a connection to American commerce. As its core mission, AmCham Cambodia provides its members – large or small, multinational or individual, American, Cambodian or of other nationality – dedicated support and advocacy in fostering the success of legitimate business activities in the Kingdom. AmCham Cambodia is also an accredited member of the US Chamber of Commerce and an active participant in the Asia-Pacific Council of American Chambers (APCAC).

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