A chamber or association is a network of businesspeople designed to promote and protect the interests of the members. Generally, they are made up of business owners that share a locale, or common interests. Chambers can be regional, national, and international in scope. Corporate make-up, leadership, and representation vary depending on the chamber.

There are many types of Chamber such as Community Chamber, State Chamber, City Chamber, National or International Chamber. The board of directors of the Chamber may includes Chief Paid Executive, Operations Executive, Finance, Communications and Membership.

From an international perspective, chambers of commerce exist in almost all countries of the world. Their primary function is to promote business exchanges between the countries they represent and the host country they are in. This is achieved through building attractive communities, ensuring the advancement of the community via a pro-business climate, promoting the community, representing the voice of the business community, and reducing transactional friction by maintaining a network.

Generally, chambers of commerce represent sovereign nations, but can also represent bodies such as the European Union, or non-sovereign entities such as Hong Kong which have a high degree of autonomy despite not being independent states.

There are several noticeable Business Chambers and associations in Cambodia such as AmCham, EuroCham, IBC, IndoCham, MBCC, CCC, JBAC, YEAC, CWEA, Khmer Enterprise etc.

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