EQIP refers to an expansion of a Qualified Investment Project (QIP) in any form, including expansion of existing production, expansion through product line diversification within the same lines, expansion through the use of new technologies that enhance productivity or protect the environment, expansion of infrastructure to serve basic telecommunications services, or expansion in any other forms to be determined by the Sub-Decree.

The New Investment Law allows investors to register their investment projects such as a QIP, an expansion of a qualified investment project (“EQIP”) and a project that is eligible for only an investment guarantee (“IGP”) with the CDC/PMIS. An EQIP that is registered with the CDC/PMIS under this New Investment Law is entitled to receive investment incentives under the New Investment Law.

Source: http://www.cambodiainvestment.gov.kh/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/LOI_English-Updated-13Dec21.pdf