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Royal Microfinance PLC

Business Overview

Royal Microfinance PLC (RMF) has been established as a public limited company holding license , number: M.F-56 from National Bank of Cambodia in July 2015 to provide the financial services to indeed clients, and it was officially registered with Ministry of Commerce, number ៣០៣២ ពណ ចបព. Royal Microfinance​ fully operates services to all targeted clients for micro and small financial need on both business and personal purposes.

Business Information

Industry: Microfinance
Location: Phnom Penh
Registration year: 2015
Car Loan, Personal Loan, Small Business Loan, Micro Loan, Quick Loan, Group Loan, Housing Loan,Tricycle Loan, Smart Loan

Contact Information

Address: Building, A114,B116 and C118, Phum Banla S'et, Sangkat Khmuonh, Khan Saensokh, Phnom Penh
Tel: (855) 23 970 777
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