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Connecting Businesses
Creating Opportunities
Growing Partnerships

Founded on the values of trust, integrity and transparency, Aquarii is your gateway for foreign investment and business advisory services.

We work with our leading regional partners to deliver expert in-market knowledge, providing unique value propositions and innovative solutions for clients.

Learn more about our cross-sector, tailored services below, and let us take your endeavor to the next level.

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Our Regional Work

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Thailand is an emerging economy and ranks second in Southeast Asia in terms of economic performance.

Aquarii has delivered a range of business and advisory services for Thai companies looking to expand or invest in Cambodia, including business set-up and market entry solutions.
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The economy of Vietnam is a mixed socialist-oriented market economy, which is the 36th-largest in the world as measured by nominal GDP.

Aquarii helps bridge the gap for investment in Vietnam through a range of services, including finance, insurance and market research.
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Cambodia's economy currently adheres to an open market system and despite seeing impresive economic growth over the past decade, remains an overlooked destinations for business and investment.

Based in Cambodia, Aquarii BD offers expert in-market services, including market entry, business set up, market research, insight and cross-sector business consultancy.
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Malaysia is one of the most open economies in the world with a trade to GDP ratio averaging over 130% since 2010.

Cambodia has facilitated a number of business and investment interests in Cambodia from Malaysia, including sourcing of products and services, strategic advisory insights and market entry services
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Singapore is the wealthiest country in Asia, with the highest per capita GDP and an advantageous position as a trusted economic hub.

Aquarii is recognized by government agency Enterprise Singapore (ESG) to assist business and investment interests in Cambodia. We have also facilitated investment projects and business expansion activities including market entry and business setup, marketing strategies, HR partnerships, franchising, government relations and strategic market insight.
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Indonesia is a middle-income country with the largest economy in Southeast Asia.

Aquarii has organised a number of high-level events to connect regional investors from and to Indonesia, whilst working closely with the Indonesia Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia. Our services with Indonesian businesses include strategic communications, identification of local partners, and market entry services.



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"Connecting Businesses, Creating Opportunities and Growing Partnerships" ​

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